AXC - The bike

AXC - The bike

Monday, August 4, 2014

Journey's End

On August 2nd, 2014, I dipped the front wheel of my bicycle in the Pacific Ocean. After starting off by dipping my rear wheel in the Atlantic 92 days prior, and riding my bike 4300 miles (and then some) across these fine United States.

I have seen the country at 10 miles an hour, I have met people and seen sights that were greater than I ever expected. This experience cannot be summed up in writing, but at some point I will try. For now, I'll just wanted to let everyone know that I have completed my ride, my goal, my journey.

Reaching the Pacific was the culmination of this epic journey; I was overcome with a hundred emotions, and sheer elation at the accomplishment I had been working towards not only for 3 months of pedaling, and 6 months of planning before that, but of years of anticipation. All coming to a close on the sands of the Oregon coast.
I knew the end was coming, but how can you really be prepared for the enormity of that moment?

This post is only a wrap up post to let you all know I reached the end, and to share the moment and the pictures with you. As I've been doing on this blog - telling stories - at some point after I've had time to reflect on the trip I will write the story of what this trip meant, how I feel having accomplished the goal and reached the end. For now I will just be getting used to not riding every day, and am excited to go back to my life, my friends, and my career back in Philadelphia.

Once again, thank you so much for following along and for joining me on this Grand Adventure.
~ Not The End ~

At the start of the last day

Great feats of strength!

Pictures of the Oregon coastline I rode along on the final day, on the way to Florence, OR

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  1. Congrats on the successful completion of your ride. Would love to do it someday too. Really enjoyed reading your blog.